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Bequia Gingerbread Hotel - Hotel: Reviews, Messages & Description

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Bequia Gingerbread Hotel - Hotel
Bequia The Grenadines

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Bequia Gingerbread Hotel - Hotel
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Bequia Gingerbread Hotel

Address: Box 191
Bequia, The Grenadines
Tel: 784 458 3800
Fax: 784 458 3907
URL: Bequia Gingerbread Hotel

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Type of Property: Hotel
Beach Location: Beach Front (Directly on Beach/Water Front)
Island: The Grenadines
No. of Rooms/Units: 15 Reservations - The Grenadines Resort Deals Reservations - The Grenadines Hotels Reservations - The Grenadines Resorts

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    D E S C R I P T I O N:

    Gingerbread Hotel's beautifully-crafted suites offer luxury accommodation with ensuite kitchen and large porch overlooking Bequia's fine harbour, just a coconut tree away.

    A D D I T I O N A L     I N F O:

    Centrally located on Admiralty Bay, Bequia's wide and gentle harbour, Gingerbread Hotel is within a few minutes' walk of Port Elizabeth, the island's administrative centre, where you will find shopping, restaurants and the ferry dock. Five minutes in a water-taxi brings you to either Princess Margaret Beach, or Lower Bay, two of the island's finest beaches.

    For more than a decade Gingerbread has been an outstandingly elegant, yet relaxed, restaurant, with a menu ranging from Caribbean to International dishes. Live, non-amplified, music adds charm several nights per week. The cafe on the bayside is a great meeting place.

    The new Bequia suites, completed in 1998, offer the island's most attractive accommodation. With the sea just a few feet in front of you, the Gingerbread Restaurant on one side and the Frangipani Hotel on the other, with a dive shop and a travel agency on the premises, with kayaks, tennis, and day trips to the Grenadines waiting to tempt you, your holiday at Gingerbread is yours, simply, to enjoy.

    The new Bequia Suites at Gingerbread are constructed with Brazilian greenheart, Italian tiles, and the decorative trellis-work that gives the hotel its name. The bedrooms with adjoining salon open onto a large covered terrace overlooking the bay, just a coconut tree away. On the upper storey theyare furnished with a romantic four-poster kingsize bed; those on the ground level have twin beds. There is a third bed built into everysuite.Daily maid service is provided.

    Bequia's climate is close to ideal. Too far south to suffer the onslaught of major hurricanes, cooled by the tradewinds for most of the year, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 33 degrees celsius (70 to 90 degrees fahrenheit), there is little difference in climate over the year. Very little rain falls from January through April. Being a sea-oriented community cool, casual clothes are the norm.

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