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Villa Papillon Blanc - Villa: Reviews, Messages & Description

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Villa Papillon Blanc - Villa
St. Barthelemy

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Villa Papillon Blanc - Villa
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Villa Papillon Blanc

St. Barthelemy
Tel: (336) 282-6421
URL: Villa Papillon Blanc

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Type of Property: Villa
Beach Location: Beach Front (Directly on Beach/Water Front)
Island: St. Barthelemy Reservations - St. Barthelemy Resort Deals Reservations - St. Barthelemy Hotels Reservations - St. Barthelemy Resorts

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    Book by: Apr 02, 2008

    D E S C R I P T I O N:

    Tucked into the hillside of beautiful Pointe Milou, the villa overlooks Baie St. Jean, Baie de Lorient and Anse de Cayes, with views beyond to the mountains of St. Maarten.

    A D D I T I O N A L     I N F O:

    Welcome to beautiful St. Barthélemy, hidden gem of the Caribbean. St. Barths is a French island 125 miles east of Puerto Rico and 15 miles southeast of St. Maarten. A small island measuring under 10 square miles, St. Barths still offers 14 stunning beaches, hiking, horseback riding, water sports as well as world-class shopping and gourmet dining. There are too many fine restaurants to sample in one vacation!

    French is the official language of the island, although most of the local merchants understand and speak English. St. Barths operates under French law and economics, therefore the official currency is the French franc, soon to be the Euro. US Dollars are readily accepted, although you may get a better price if you pay in francs!

    With no major cruise ship port and no major airport, St. Barths remains quiet, tasteful and dignified. St. Barths enjoys a thriving economy with low unemployment and almost non-existent crime rate. Visitors to St. Barths enjoy the island's beauty and serenity without concern for their personal safety. Explore the island's offerings and enjoy, yet tread lightly as we all want to preserve its unique charm and local flavor.

    D I N I N G   &   R E S T A U R A N T S:
    St. Barths is known for its fine dining, but if you'd rather make your own gourmet meals, there is a well-equipped kitchen. We want you to relax and have as much fun during your stay as we do. This is why we have paid careful attention to detail, offering clean, tasteful and comfortable surroundings and many added amenities for a superb vacation.

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