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Portofino Resort - Resort
San Pedro Belize

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Portofino Resort - Resort
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Portofino Resort

Address: PO box 36
San Pedro, Belize
Tel: 501-220-5096
Fax: 501-226-4272
URL: Portofino Resort

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Type of Property: Resort
Beach Location: Beach Front (Directly on Beach/Water Front)
Island: Belize Reservations - Belize Resort Deals Reservations - Belize Hotels Reservations - Belize Resorts

T R A V E L E R     R E V I E W S: Portofino Resort Traveler Rating

Average Rating: 3.6 Stars
Read Reviews: 8 Reviews
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D E S C R I P T I O N:

New, full service resort located 6 miles north of the hustle and bustle of San Pedro. Offering barefoot luxury with stylish and spacious accommodations. Located North of San Pedro, Portofino sits on the most beautiful beaches of the island.

A D D I T I O N A L     I N F O:

PORTOFINO is located on Ambergris Caye, the largest Island (Caye) along the Belize Barrier Reef (second largest in the world). Needless to say, that this is the most spectacular dive paradise in the world, including the Blue Hole, made famous by Jacques Cousteau, during his 1970 expedition with the Calypso, but there is more

Although you come to a very peaceful and quiet resort, town, shops and the nightlife are just 15 minutes away by boat. Many of the best restaurants (including Portofino's La Cuisine are located north of San Pedro.

PORTOFINO offers eight (8) beach cabanas with clear and unobstructed Caribbean views, along with three (3) Tree Top suites that are on stilts 10ft (3 mts) in the air, offering beautiful views over the Caribbean and the second longest Barrier Reef in the world. To the rear of the suites is an amazing view of the lagoon, home to an assortment of rare tropical birds and the occasional Crocodile.

The cabanas have a superb view of the sea and the sunrise. The suites offer a superb view of the sea sunrise and the sunset at the rear of the property.


Each cabana is on the sand and measures 12ft by 24ft and offers queen-size bed with a view through the front picture windows of the beach. Each bed is draped with a pure linen mosquito net and pure cotton sheets. Floor rugs are from Guatemala, and assorted decorations from Belize and Mexico. The inside of the roof shows the hand thatched Palapa roof rising 18ft into the air. Bathrooms are spacious and airy, and offer a hand sink, toilet and circular shower, adorned with Mexican tiles and mirrors. The roof of the bathroom is also palapa and hangs over the bed giving a false roof and concealed lighting.

Each cabana has a good size deck with deck chairs and hammocks over looking the beach.


Each suite measures 24t by 24ft and is elevated ten (10) feet in the air on Sapodilla wood legs with a wide staircase made of local woods for entry. Each offers a queen-size bed on the centre of the room and stunning views through the massive picture windows. A raised platform on each side of the suite offers a seating and reading area as well as a closet and dressing area.

The bathrooms in the suites are very large and offer two (2) sinks, toilet, large circular shower and windows over the lagoon. All ceilings in the suite are open to the thatched palapa giving a very beautiful effect. Each suite has a full-length balcony offering great views of the Caribbean and sunrise, with hand carved deck chairs and hammocks.

All accommodation also offers: air conditioning, ceiling fans, sea facing picture windows, mini bar, and individual interior décor and artwork.

PORTOFINO offers one, very special, VIP/Honeymoon Suite measuring over 800 sq.ft and full of special touches, including Emperor bed, Jacuzzi, special bathroom and furnishings fit for a King.

The PORTOFINO service is second to none. Room service is offered to every room, daily housekeeping service and 24 hour maintenance is available for any problems that might occur.

Beach service covers beach raking and cleaning every morning and arrangement of all hammocks and sunchairs. Drinks service also extends to the beach for all guests.

Everybody dreams of a wedding in our Tropical Paradise. We will be happy to make it an exotic dream event with memories to last for a lifetime. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we will make it come true, whether it is an intimate barefoot beach ceremony for two or an elaborate event for a large group. PORTOFINO has a selection of beautiful locations for your wedding: Step over a Japanese Bridge on our dock into your new life, or start it under the Green Roof of a Massive Sea Grape, look out over the Caribbean Sea and the Barrier Reef from the Elevated Terrace of our restaurant, or choose the garden with our enchanting Natural Flower Arch, a tangle of bougainvillea, roses, and blooming vines.

Legal Requirements are very simple if you are over 18 years old and we will be happy to help. To apply for a wedding license, you only have to be in the country three days prior to the wedding, and the license has to be applied for at least 24 hours in advance. Don't forget that you need proof of citizenship (either a birth certificate that includes the father's name or a valid passport). If it is not your first time, you will also need proof or divorce, if applicable, or a copy of your previous spouse's death certificate if you are widowed.

Ministers of almost all denominations can bless your vows as long as we know well enough in advance.

We will be happy to arrange for a Photographer so that you can take home your memories in beautiful pictures. We can also book Other Services like hairdresser, massages, manicure, facials, to name just a few.

Live Music? No problem, just let us know.

How about an abundance of candles and Tropical Flowers like Ginger, Flamingo Flowers, Heliconia, Jungle Flame, or Orchids for a romantic setting as well as for your bridal bouquet and a boutonniere?

Our Restaurant offers a fine selection of European style cuisine, and we will be happy to make suggestions for your wedding dinner incorporating your personal preferences, and a wedding cake if you like. Fresh local seafood should definitely feature prominently.

For your Toasts, you have a selection of Champagnes and Wines including some very fine French champagnes, or maybe you prefer a colourfully decorated Tropical Cocktail.

We will be happy to accommodate you and your guests, and for your honeymoon, our elegant Honeymoon Suite is an absolute must. Please see our honeymoon package for more information.

Just let us have your personal preferences and We will tailor the Perfect Event for you, planned Especially For You.

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