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Bayberry Villa Chinaberry Villa - Vacation Rental: Reviews, Messages & Description

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Bayberry Villa Chinaberry Villa - Vacation Rental

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Bayberry Villa Chinaberry Villa - Vacation Rental
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Bayberry Villa Chinaberry Villa

Tel: 264.497.5445
URL: Bayberry Villa Chinaberry Villa

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Type of Property: Vacation Rental
Beach Location: Beach Front (Directly on Beach/Water Front)
Island: Anguilla Reservations - Anguilla Resort Deals Reservations - Anguilla Resorts

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    D E S C R I P T I O N:

    Both Bayberry Villa & Chinaberry Villa are located in Cul de Sac, a quiet residential area of Anguilla. We offer absolute privacy in the two villas - completely surrounded with mature vegetation and only 100 yards from Rendezvous Bay. If you require three bedrooms, both houses have an adjoining courtyard to connect you.

    A D D I T I O N A L     I N F O:

    Most northerly of the leeward islands Anguilla is located close to Puerto Rico and 6 miles from St. Martin. Easily accessible from both, American Airlines can connect you from Puerto Rico at least twice a day or Tyden Air from St. Martin. Ferry service also runs between St. Martin and Anguilla every 30 minutes throughout the day.
    Come to Anguilla this year, relax with some friends or a good book and let the refreshing breezes of the caribbean wash over you.

    D I N I N G   &   R E S T A U R A N T S:
    This is strictly a partial list intended only to see you through the first few days - half the fun is finding you own favorites.

    Most restaurants are located on or near the sea, just follow the signs.

    **** Expensive
    - Mango's (West End)
    - Pimm's (Cap Juluca)
    - Trattoria Tramonto (Shoal Bay West)
    - Hibernia (Island Harbour)
    - Blanchard's (West End)
    - Koal Keel (The Valley)

    - Arlo's (West End, turn by Anguilla Trading)
    - The Old House (across from Airport)
    - LeDuc's (West End)
    - Roy's (Katouche) Zara's (Shoal Bay East)

    - The Ferry Boat (Cul de Sac)
    - Fat Cat (George Hill, take out only)

    - Brothers Cafeteria (The Valley)
    - The Aquarium (West of Vista)
    - Chick King (The Valley)
    - Airport Restaurant (The Valley)

    Beach Bars
    - Palm Grove (Junks Hole)
    - Uncle Ernie's (Shoal Bay West)
    - Le Beach (Shoal Bay West)
    - Scilly Cay (Island Harbour)
    - The Dune (Rendezvous Bay)

    Restaurants will usually add a 10 to 15% service charge on to each bill . Whether to tip more is your choice. Some of the smaller, locally owned restaurants and bars do not add any service charge so check your bill.

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