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  • Riviera Maya Tourism Promotion Board

    Address: Street 28 without number Mza. 4 Lote 1, Playa del Carmen
    Ph: 1 866 6GO MAYA
    Fax: +52(984)873-2850
    Email: Send Email
    Web site: Official Site

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    MAYAN RIVIERA - Aventura Spa Palace Resort ~ June 1 - August 23, 2008 - (ROMANC-8/PALACE PASSPORT) $1129.00
    Book by: Apr 30, 2008

    MAYAN RIVIERA - Aventura Spa Palace Resort ~ May 2 - 31, 2008 - (ROMANC-8/PALACE PASSPORT) $969.00
    Book by: Apr 30, 2008

    MAYAN RIVIERA - Azul Beach Hotel ~ June 14 - 30, 2008 - (contract) $1109.00
    Book by: Apr 30, 2008

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    Playa del Carmen Facts

    • Water: top
      Bottled Water is the absolutely safest drinking water. Many first-rate hotels use purified water in their taps. Budget hotels may provide agua purificada in bottles or carafes. Request beverages sin hielo (without ice) - do not take chances. More up-scale establishments use purified water for everything, but be sure to ask.
    • Inoculations: top
      No inoculations are required to enter Mexico, though you should check with your medical practitioner for current requirements. Get a tetanus booster if you are overdue for one. You might consider wearing an ID tag provided by Medic Alert International (Box 1009, Turlock, CA 95381; Tel. 800-ID-ALERT; fee) if you have a medical condition such as epilepsy, diabetes, allergies to ordinary medications, or heart disease.
    • Transportation: top
      Driving is on the right, as it is in the United States, and rental cars, taxis, bicycles and mopeds are also available. An International Driver's License is not required, and Mexico recognizes the license that was issued by your state or province.
    • Post Office: top
      The main post office is located in Playa del Carmen on Juarez between 20th and 15th. Open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5pm and Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm.
    • Money Exchange: top
      Playa has several banks with automatic teller machines, and several money-exchange houses. Many are close to the pier or along Avenida 5 at Calle 8. Banks are usually open Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 5 pm Many now have Automatic Teller Machines for 24-hour cash withdrawals. Sometimes ATMs are out of service, so plan ahead. American dollars and travelers checks are accepted in many places. Small business generally do not accept major credit cards, so it is best to travel with travelers' checks and some cash.
    • Ferrys: top
      The "Mexico Water Jets" whisk you from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel island in about 35 min. They are air conditioned passenger ferrys with comfortable seating & music videos. Cost @ $7 US. There is still some advertising in circulation for a ferry that once ran from Cancun to Cozumel but it is no longer operating. There are now buses that will take you directly to Playa Del Carmen from the Cancun airport. The bus can be arranged just as you leave the airport terninal. The trip to Playa takes about 1 hour. Many people think that they can rent a car in Cancun & come over on the car ferry . This is a serious mistake. The car ferry is your worst nightmare. Renting a car once you arrive in Cozumel is easy & affordable.

      Watch that last ferry!!
      If you get there late you will be spending the night in Playa del Carmen and there may or may not be rooms available, depending on the season.

      You will never tire of diving in Cozumel. The large majority of divers who come will come again many times over the years. It is habit-forming ! Use the key below to help to determine minimum dive skills needed to safely enjoy our most popular dive sites.
    • Travel Seasons: top
      High season is August and December to Easter. Low season is all other months.
    • Food: top
      Common sense can greatly reduce your chances of coming down with food or water related illnesses. Firstly, do not over indulge in spicy Mexican foods and pitchers of margaritas or strong Mexican beer during the first few days of your trip. Eat and drink in moderation. Go slowly if you are not used to the Mexican spices and cooking.

      Like many countries, do not eat from street vendors since they tend to be less sanitary. Only eat foods that have been thoroughly cooked and are served either oven-hot or refrigerator-cold. Many people eat at street vendors' stalls without problems, but you should be cautious.

      Be sure your unpeeled raw vegetables and fruit are washed in purified water and dried with a clean cloth. Peeled and thoroughly cooked vegetables are okay, as the boiling water will sanitize them.
    • Entry Requirments: top
      A valid passport or a birth certificate with an official state seal (official document only). A valid photo I.D. if you don't have a drivers license. All drivers will need a drivers license.
    • Time Zone: top
      Mexico spans three different time zones. Mexico City and Cozumel, for example, are on central time, putting them in the same time zone as Chicago, or 6 hours behind Greenwich mean time, 6 hours behind London, 3 hours behind São Paulo, 9 hours behind Moscow, and 16 hours behind Tokyo. Two of Mexico's time zones observe daylight saving time during the summer months; during that time clocks are advanced by 1 hour.
    • Climate: top
      Not only does Mayan Riviera have the warm sun year-round, but the average year-round temperature is 80°F (27°C) and hardly humid! But during the winter the temperature can go down to a warm 65°F (19°C) at night. And in the summer temperatures can be as high as 100°F (38°C). Not to worry, the ocean breeze keeps Mayan Riviera comfortable, compared to other areas of Mexico.

      November through February is the best time to go since that's when the sun shines the most days. And during the "rainy season" from July-November, rainfall is rare even then.

      The busy winter tourism season, when prices reach their peak, overtakes the area from mid-December to April. This time of year is attractive not just because it's winter in North America and Europe, but also because it's not raining and the heat isn't so muggy. May, the end of the dry season, and June, the start of the rains.

      Tropical Storms:
      It is rare for Riviera Maya to get hurricanes, but it is a fact of life. Hurricanes tend to move slowly enough for people to avoid danger, and there is a 3-day warning system in the area that will advise you of the situation. Hotels and villas are experienced in keeping guests safe and happy during one of these storms. So, you should not worry about vacationing during this season when many times you get the best deals and the best weather.

      High travel season is August and December to Easter. Low season is all other months.
    • Area Code: top
      The area code for Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya is 984. All local numbers have seven digits, and all numbers begin with 8. If a number is written (984) 873-1234, when in Riviera Maya you must dial 873-1234.
    • Visas: top
      Citizens of many countries - including the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, Chile and virtually all Western European countries - do not require visas to enter Mexico as tourists.
    • On the beach: top
      Swimming in the Caribbean presents a danger from undertow, but if you follow the flag system you should have no fears about swimming in the beautiful glasslike water.

      Green Flag -- Water completely safe for swimming, but use commonsense.
      Yellow Flag -- Water somewhat rough. Swim with caution.
      Red Flag -- Water very rough. Swim with extreme caution. Stay near the water's edge.
      Black Flag -- Absolutely no swimming. Too dangerous.
    • Tropical Storms: top
      It is rare for Riviera Maya to get hurricanes, but it is a fact of life. Hurricanes tend to move slowly enough for people to avoid danger, and there is a 3-day warning system in the area that will advise you of the situation. Hotels and villas are experienced in keeping guests safe and happy during one of these storms. So, you should not worry about vacationing during this season when many times you get the best deals and the best weather.
    • Crime: top
      There is little crime in Riviera Maya. In the tourist areas, you are generally safe late at night. Car break-ins are just about the only crime, especially around the shopping centers. So be sure to lock your door like you would back at home. Like any other beach resort, do not leave money or valuables unattended on the beach.
    • Emergency Numbers: top
      Throughout the country, the number to call for any police emergency
      is 18-39-54; to reach the fire department call 14-20-50; for any medical emergency, call the Red Cross at 15-20-55.

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