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St. Kitts Scuba Diving

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St. Kitts Scuba Diving

Summary: St. Kitts offers exceptional dive sites for the novice and the die-hard diver as well.
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    St. Kitts Scuba Diving

    St. Kitts offers exceptional dive sites for the beginner and the advanced diver as well. These include ship wrecks, coral reefs, walls and caves. Dive trips can be arranged through your hotel or with one the dive operators on the island. All of the necessary gear can be bought or rented from the local dive shops.

    Note, however, that there is no decompression chamber available on St. Kitts.  Divers suffering from decompression sickness, The Bends, are taken to the island of Saba, in the Netherlands Antilles. Do you have your DAN?

    As most of St. Kitts' dive sites are on the protected, Caribbean side of the island, divers can expect a good selection of reefs and wrecks that begin in shallow water and fall off to depths of 100 feet and more, with areas of extensive fish life and coral reefs.

    Visibility and weather are always spectacular, and you can expect only a short boat ride to each dive site, making multiple dive days a continuous exhilaration.

    Dive Sites Include

    Coconut Tree Reef
    One of St. Kitts' largest coral reefs with something for every level of diver. The mooring is set at 45 feet on a sloping reef that has a sandy bottom at about 120 feet.

    The Rocks
    As a part of the coconut tree reef system this is a great multi-level site. Expect visibility of 60-100 feet.

    Nag's Head
    St. Kitts' best and only "drift dive". Well really you may have to kick a little. We don't have much current.

    Tug Boat
    A fully intact tugboat sitting at 65 feet on a sandy bottom.

    River Taw
    Everybody that dives in St.Kitts dives "the taw". It's our most dived site. "The Taw" is a 144ft. freighter that went down in 1985, sat perfectly upright on the bottom until 1989 when Hurricane Hugo came through and broke the wreck into two parts.

    M.V. Talata - Wreck
    This is a terrific old freighter that found its demise due to a nasty hurricane in 1983. The Talata site rests on a reef and is totally upright and facing east across the harbour. Schools of squirrelfish and yellow tail snapper patrol from bow to stern.

    Brimstone Shallows
    Brimstone Shallows is located approximately two miles due west of the shoreline and boasts pristine corals both soft and hard. The mooring depth is approximately 45 - 50ft sliding down a wall to depths well over 100 feet.

    The Finger Reef
    Stretching out like a finger, this dive site just has the feel of excitement the moment you hit the water and look down.

    Black Coral Reef
    The attractions here are the majestic black coral trees, which protrude from this mini wall.

    Green Point Reef
    A reef structure, which is abundant with tube sponges, barrel sponges, large sea fans and black coral trees. Grunts are seldom seen here but have been replaced with large angelfish, small grouper and dogtooth snapper.

    The Vents
    A short boat ride from Pinney's Beach in Nevis, the Vents boast spectacular black coral trees, wire coral and hot water vents holes that make this a most unusual dive.

    The wreck of the Corinthian is an old tug that sits totally upright in 72 ft. largely intact this wreck site which was sunk in 1995 already boasts black coral trees. Fish are fed here and will gladly eat just about anything although we have them on a strict diet.


    Turtles: On St. Kitts has a lot of turtles. Mainly Hawksbill and Greenbacks with an occasional leatherback.

    Rays: St. Kitts some huge southern stingrays. During the winter divers can see see black and white spotted eagle rays on some of our deeper sites.

    Porcupine Fish: St. Kitts has large Porcupine Fish up 3ft long. With their bulging alien eyes and puckered lip smile.

    Eels: St. Kitts is home to a variety of eels including black and white spotted, purple mouth, golden chain and spotted snake eels

    Coral: Some of our sites are pristine with large pillar coral, sea fans and the variety of fish life that comes with a healthy reef.

    Kenneth's Dive Center:
    Bay Road East,
    Basseterre, St. Kitts
    Tel: (869) 465-2670
    or 465-7043
    Kenneth Dive Center has been operational for over the past twenty-five (25) years. All vessels/boats are equipped with an in-board and out-board engines; and also its own captain, dive master and two (2) crew members. All divers must be accompanied by an instructor or a dive master. All of Kenneth’s customers are treated with the utmost respect and are well taken care of. The Dive Center also offers private dive charters.

    Fisherman's Wharf,
    P.O. Box 174,
    Fortlands, St. Kitts
    Tel: (869) 466-DIVE (3483)
    Pro Divers inc. is a PADI Resort Facility offering all levels of instruction and quality dive tours. We provide thorough dive briefings and flexible profiles given by PADI Dive Instructors. Our professional educators are equipped with over twenty years of experience diving in and around St.Kitts.
     Dive St. Kitts:
    Bird Rock Beach Hotel,
    P.O. Box 1023,
    Basseterre, St. Kitts
    Tel: (869) 465-1189
    Fax: (869) 465-1675
    At Dive St.Kitts we offer a full range of courses from a one-day Resort to a 3-week dive master class. We are very flexible and try to make sure that whether you are training or just diving with us that you have a memorable experience in our under water world.We guarantee that the serene beauty of our untouched dive sites will overwhelm you, the peace and tranquility of our islands will refresh you, and the inherent warmth and hospitality of our professional staff will put your mind at ease.
     Frigate Bay Divers:
    Frigate Bay Divers
    PO Box 1592
    Frigate Bay Beach
    St. Kitts
    Tel: (869) 466-8413
    Fax: (869) 466-1413
    We cater for all levels, from complete beginners to experienced divers. Learn to dive, or come and join us and enjoy the warm waters and relaxed atmosphere we have to offer.

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