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Snuba Diving in the Caribbean (What is Snuba?)

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Snuba Diving in the Caribbean (What is Snuba?)

Snuba Diving in the Caribbean (What is Snuba?)Summary: Snuba® is the new sport that combines the technology of diving with the freedom of snorkeling at a depth of 6 meters (20 feet).  Snuba diving does not involve the bulky equipment, intensive training, and certification associated with scuba diving.
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Snuba Diving in the Caribbean (What is Snuba?)

Featured Article Link: Official Snuba Website

Snuba® is a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving, however snuba offers the simplicity and safety of snorkeling without the need to get certified to go scuba diving.

"Snuba®" is a patented shallow water diving system, bridging the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving by allowing users to breath surface air from a hose that extends from the surface down to 20 feet.

Not ready to don scuba tanks and take the plunge? Snuba® is for you!
  • Great family fun, ages 8 and up
  • No snorkel or scuba experience is needed
  • It's Safe & easy
  • No heavy equipment or extensive training
  • No certification is required
  • Equipment and instruction provided by a tour operator
  • Snuba is a personalized guided tour by a licensed tour operator
  • Snuba has been featured on MTV, "Undersea Adventures," "Travel America," and in "USA Today"

Snuba is safe and easy and does not require certification like scuba diving. Even those who are not strong swimmers or are first time snorkelers can enjoy the Snuba experience.  Snuba is easily accessible to all over eight years and older, though there is a program called Snuba-Doo that allows those four years or older to experience Snuba.  It's also a  way for a certified diver to introduce non-certified partners to the underwater breathing experience perhaps leading to full scuba certification.

Though Snuba uses compressed air, users do not have to worry about decompression issues (the bends) because of the relative shallow depth (less than an atmosphere) and tour duration.  What makes Snuba safe is the minimal complication of equipment, connection to the surface and fully guided tour over pre-surveyed "Snuba Trails".  And just like a scuba diver you should not hold your breath while under the water and descend and ascend slowly.  Slow ascents and descents will allow your ears (and lungs) to pressurize/ajust just like in an airplane.

Snuba diving allows you maximum freedom of movement and full control. You breathe using a standard diving regulator, which is connected by a 20-foot air line to a scuba tank that floats on the surface of the water in a specially designed raft. As you move about underwater, the raft follows you, allowing you to dive to a maximum depth of 20 feet.There is no heavy diving gear.

Snuba Raft
Snuba Raft with tour guide and snuba divers.

Every Snuba tour is guided by a professional as each Snuba operator is licensed by Snuba International, Inc. Your guide will familiarize you with the Snuba equipment you will be using and briefly describe what you can expect in the water.

Instruction will start in shallow water and take whatever time necessary to get comfortable breathing underwater. Once comfortable, the group is then taken on a guided underwater snuba tour. Tours may leave from shore or a boat depending on what type of tour you arranged. During the dive you are never more than 20 feet from the security of the raft floating on the surface.

A couple Snuba diving.

Just like scuba diving, Snuba gives you the feeling of being more apart of the underwater world. The reefs you Snuba dive in have beautiful and abundant marine life, but please remember to respect the ocean by not touching, or breaking coral or taking anything out of the ocean.  Coral is very fragile and one can break thousands of years of grown in a matter of seconds.  Also, some corals such as fire coral, sting if they are it's always best not to touch any coral.  And because you can go deeper than the average snorkeler you will encounter sea life, such Moray and Spotted eels that should not be touched or provoked.  A no touch policy is best while enjoying snuba and the coral reefs!

Snuba Photos (click to enlarge)

Getting Ready to Snuba Couple Snuba Diving
Snuba with a Turtle
Snuba with a Turtle

Snorkel/Dive/Snuba Tip:
Take off all of your "shiny", especially silver jewlery.  Though quite rare, sometimes dangly shiny things in the water look like small fish that could attract a fish such a barracuda. She might get the wrong idea about your jewlery and come in for a closer look than you might like!

Places in the Caribbean you can Snuba Dive:
U.S. Virgin Islands
Snuba Dive at Trunk BayVI Snuba Excursions(340) 693-8063
Fax 779-4519
Coki BeachSnuba of St. Thomas(340) 693-8063EmailWebsite
Coral WorldSnuba of St. Thomas(340) 693-8063EmailWebsite
Snuba BVIProspect Reef Resort(242) 494-3311Email 
DePalm IslandSnuba Aruba(297) 942-999EmailWebsite
St. John, U.S.V.I.
Snuba Dive at Trunk Bay,
Coki Beach, Coral World
and St. Thomas Hotels
VI Snuba Excursions340-693-8063EmailWebsite
St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.
Coki BeachSnuba of St. Thomas(340) 693-8063EmailWebsite
Coral WorldSnuba of St. Thomas(340) 693-8063EmailWebsite
Snuba Buck IslandSnuba of St. Thomas(340) 775-4389  
Coki Beach and
St. Thomas Hotels

Dive World(340) 775-5971Email 
St. Maartin    
Bobby's MarinaBeach Safaris N.V.(599) 542-6024Email 
Grand Cayman    
Seven Mile BeachKirk Sea Tours(345) 949-7278
Grand Cayman, B.W.I
Email Website
 Ocean Adventures, Inc.69 Clearview Heights
St. Michael, Barbados
Puerto Rico    
 Sunset Snuba(787) 354-0999EmailWebsite
Turks and Caicos    
 Snuba TCI Email 

Riviera Maya/Cancun
Maeva ClubMaeva Club0052 (984) 871 3000EmailWebsite
Sacred ParadiseParque Xcaret52 (987) 14000EmailWebsite
Natural AquariumParque Xel Ha52 (987) 54070EmailWebsite
Beaches at CancunHotel Camino Real   
Beaches at CancunHotel Zona   
Isla Mujeres
Garrafon ParkGarrafon Park52 (998) 987-71100 Website
Le Cieba HotelAqua World52 (987) 2-07-00  
Catamaran Sail, Snuba & SnorkelMayan Paradise Tours

52 (987) 872-2394

Fax 52 (987) 869-0923

Snuba CozumelSand Dollar Sports52 (987) 2-07-93EmailWebsite
Chankanaab Park

Snuba Chankanaab

52 (987) 6-05-04Email 
Snuba CozumelChankanaab Park52 (987) 1-00-08EmailWebsite
Brisas Hotel - Cozumel
Costera Sur Km. 1.7
Cozumel, Q. Roo, Mexico 77600
52 (987) 872-2900

For additional information about Snuba check out Snuba International's website at:

Photo's and Video Courtesy of Snuba International © Snuba International, Inc.

Featured Article Link: Official Snuba Website

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