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  • Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Board

    Address: Maritime Centre, 29 Tenth Avenue. Barataria, Scarborough
    Ph: (868) 675-7034
    Fax: (868) 638-3560
    Email: Send Email
    Web site: Official Site

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    What's New at Tobago's Coco Reef Resort and Spa
    For the past four days, we'd been experiencing Trinidad's Carnival, a pulsating heartbeat ...

    Adventures In Tobago
    Adventures In TobagoTobago's pace of life is unhurried. One can bask in the sunshine on a deserted beach or ...

    Tobago Scuba Diving
    Tobago Scuba DivingHmmm, Tobago Diving...You'll LOVE it. It's tranquil, quiet, very laid back and friendly. ...

    About Tobago
    About TobagoIntroducing Tobago highlighting island facts, history and points of interest ...

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    Trinidad and Tobago Overview

    Tobago (to-bay-go). The Island that inspired Robinson Crusoe,  25 miles long and 8 miles wide is located just of the Venezuela coast.  Tobago and it's larger sister Trinidad are the southern most of the Caribbean Islands and split the Atlantic and Caribbean Seas.  The Island is cool, serene and green - with lush tropical rain forests and mysterious blue oceans. Tobago, the true Caribbean island where life is at peace.  It's what you've always dreamed of - Explore Tobago!

    Pigeon Point - Buccoo Bay Tobago

    Natural Tobago 
    As in Trinidad, the key to Tobago's ecology is diversity. If the theory is correct that the two islands are a continuation of the Andes, then Tobago represents the cordillera's easternmost outcrop. Thanks to these continental origins, the island's volcanic Main Ridge teems with species unknown in most of the Caribbean. In addition to its almost overwhelming variety of flora and fauna, Tobago enjoys the advantage of being small. Everything is accessible: the mountains are not too high, the forests not too impenetrable, the coral reefs not too deep or distant. And very few species could be considered noxious: even the snakes are non-poisonous, which is always nice to know when you're walking through the rainforest.

    Scuba Diving: Hmmm, Tobago Diving...You'll LOVE it. It's tranquil, quiet, very laid back and friendly. Tobago's got to be the least known little island that ever comes to mind when it comes to diving. It's a little secret in the Caribbean. Mantas? Heck, who needs to fly halfway around the world to Yap to see them?  In Tobago drift diving predominates. You will find dive sites all over the island with drifts of varying intensity allowing both beginners and experienced divers to enjoy. The ones that will really enthrall are St. Giles, Speyside and Crown Point.

    Beaches: One of the great things about Tobago is that with a little initiative and a sturdy vehicle, you can find an idyllic expanse of sand and sea. The rough northeast side of the island is inundated with bay and cove beaches reachable via dirt roads and walking paths. Break out the map and search for places like King Peter's Bay and Pirate's Bay. Similar beaches can be found on the south side of Tobago, but take caution when swimming: The Atlantic side of the island is prone to strong currents and heavy waves. More mainstream, and crowded, beaches are found on the extreme southeast tip, near the airport and hotels. The throngs of visitors to Pigeon Point can sometimes make it look like Atlantic City on Memorial Day, but the virginal sands and bathtub-warm blue water are hardly something you'll find in New Jersey. The peninsula is privately owned so there's a US$2 admission charge, which is a pittance considering the fine snorkeling and beautiful sunsets at Pigeon Point. A lively crowd can always be found just south at Store Bay beach, near the Coco Reef Resort. Reggae and calypso float through the air, and Rastafarians mingle among the beach parties selling arts and crafts or just joining in the fun.

    Tobago Shore

    Restaurants: Crab and dumplings are emblematic of the native cuisine, and you can buy them at many restaurants and take-out stands. (Try the ones at Miss Esmie's or Miss Jean's in the Store Bay crafts market.) Other typical dishes include rotis - an Indo-Trinidadian creation that consists of pancake-like bread filled with curried meats and potatoes - callaloo, stews and fish. Continental cuisine is also sprinkled in with the West Indian staples at most restaurants. Whatever and wherever you eat, it's bound to be fresh, especially the seafood and produce. For the most part, dining out is an inexpensive venture in Tobago, except in some of the finer hotels. (Prices quoted are per person, excluding drinks, tax and service except where noted.)

    Golf: The Mount Irvine Bay Golf Course is an 18 Hole Course with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, carved out amongst an old coconut plantation. The Course was designed by the late Commander John D. Harris and considered his finest and one of the premier Golf Courses in the Caribbean. Established in 1968, the Course is set within gently rolling countryside along the coast, with a view of the sea from every hole and an abundance of massive coconut palm trees.

    Trinidad and Tobago Facts

    Capital City (Trinidad and Tobago)
    Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

    Travelers cheques and credit cards are accepted by most establishments. For Customs and Excise purposes only cash is accepted.

    Trinidad and Tobago have hospitals in Scarborough, Port of Spain, San Fernando, and Mount Hope. There are also numerous health centers and clinics.

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    Trinidad and Tobago Accommodations
    Blue Haven Hotel - Scarborough
    Half Moon Blue Hotel - Scarborough
    Rex Turtle Beach - Tobago - Scarborough
    Hilton Tobago - Tobago
    Mount Irvine Bay Hotel and Golf Club - Tobago
    Le Grand Courlan Resort & Spa - Black Rock
    Coco Reef Resort & Spa - Tobago
    Ocean Point Hotel - Tobago - Tobago
    Grafton Beach Resort - Tobago
    Blue Waters Inn Tobago - Speyside
    Sandpiper Cottage - Stonehaven Bay
    Hibiscus Villa
    Tobago Beach Villas - Scarborough
    Ocean Air
    Hummingbird Heights
    Canboulay Villa
    Brash Villa - Blue Range, Diego Martin
    Birdsong Villa
    Birdie's Nest
    Plantation Beach Villas - Black Rock
    Adventure EcoVillas Tobago - Plymouth
    Il Paradiso
    Grafton House
    Sealevel Guesthouse Tobago - Castara
    Hawksbill House - Scarborough
    The Brash Villa of Tobago - Cumming
    Birdies Nest at Courland Bay, Tobago - Black Rock
    Villa Tosca
    Sanctuary Villa Resort - Tobago
    Sandy Point Beach Club - Crown Point
    Raintree House - Tobago
    Cuffie River Nature Retreat - Tobago
    Villa Sans Souci - Island of Tobago in the Caribbean
    Being Villa - Port of Spain
    Kariwak Village
    Seaville Chateau - Charlotteville
    Grange Cottage - Mt. Irvine
    Arthurs By The Sea - Crown Point
    The Villa at Paradise Point
    Windy Edge Holiday Villa with Pool
    Bayview Villa - Grafton Beach
    Freddy's Villa
    Top Ranking Hill View Guest House - Speyside Village
    Sol y Mar
    Shalom Resort - Lambeau
    Enchanted Waters Tobago
    Acajou Hotel - Eco Chic Retreat - Grande Riviere, Trinidad
    Cool Breeze Villa - Bacolet, Tobago

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