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Breezes Bahamas is poorly managed...: In Bahamas
"Breezes Bahamas is poorly managed..."

Submitted By: Jennifer / alphajenn
From: FL
Tip Submitted On: July 12, 2007
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  • Breezes Bahamas is poorly managed...

    General Rating:  This reviewer gave 2 Stars out of 5

    Date of Visit: July 2007

    General Tip: "Breezes Bahamas is poorly managed..."
    When we arrived at the Nassau Airport, the staff at the desk asked if there was any special occasion for our trip. I explained that we were celebrating our anniversary. We checked back at 11 AM. Still the room was not ready. We continued to check back every hour. Finally around 2 PM, the room was ready. The staff at the front desk is not very friendly. Don't expect a warm welcome.
    We were placed in a room on the second floor. Ok, about the rooms...they are very outdated. The corridors have a musty smell and there are rusted walls and poorly maintained hallways. But, it is the Caribbean and though I expected a little better, I was not going to let this ruin our vacation. Then we got to the room. Ugh! Two double beds (yes, we are on our anniversary!) and a view of a big bush covered the window! Maricia offered to move us to room 134 with a king size bed. Of course, we had to move all our stuff, which again took time from our vacation. Room 134 is oceanfront, right in front of the trapeze; not a "real" view of the ocean. But, hey, at least we had a king bed. By this time, we really just wanted to make the best of it and get out to enjoy what was left of the day.
    My husband and I like to have fun when we are on vacation. We are both very active and enjoy being active with all the all inclusive resorts have to offer. We headed out to the area by the pool where the entertainment staff has their daily activities. The atmosphere around the pool is a fun one with little poolside games going on every so often. The entertainment staff at the resort was our very favorite. They seemed to be the ones who really went out of their way to make the vacation a fun time. To name a few, Pebbles, Marline, Jennifer (PH) and Snake were great. They were happy to create a fun atmosphere that should be associated with the all inclusive environment.
    Then we headed out to check out the water sports. My husband very much enjoys snorkeling and scuba diving and we wanted to take advantage of what we had read were the best waters to snorkel in. Our first impression of the beach was how beautiful it is! The water is so clear and blue. We really looked forward to enjoying the snorkeling and scuba. If you look on the Breezes website, here is what they promise, " SuperClubs offers water sports for everyone. From water-skiing to sailing and hobie cats. From snorkeling to scuba diving, kayaking and more. Our water sports centers are fully staffed with trained professionals and instructors eager to help make your water bound adventures safe and exciting. All included on the best beaches." Not! The staff, at the water sports area, sits under a tree and ignores the guests who try to engage in water sports activities. They pretty much make you feel like you are putting them out if you ask to use any of the equipment. We asked about the snorkeling that was promised online (see above quote). The staff member told us that they knew nothing of it. We spoke to the "supervisor" of the water sports. He told us that we had to purchase our own gear at the gift shop. Now what about the scuba stuff that was promised online? Same thing! They do not have it. We were so disappointed. (As a side note, I contacted Mr. Isaa's (Founder of SuperClubs) secretary, Zein, about the false information on the website. They did nothing to make it right.) We set out to make the best of it. By the way, the gift shop does not sell snorkeling gear, as the water sports supervisor said they did. We loved the hobie cats that were offered by the resort. They were not in the best of conditions, but, we were lucky enough to sail without any problems. Thank heavens, because the water sports staff would not give you the time of day if you needed the assistance. On our travels, we did speak to a couple who were unfortunate to have their hobie cat break down at Breezes. This couple was stranded out in the ocean for 2.5 hours! Many guest commented on how rude the water staff was. I felt very fortunate that we were not the ones who were left stranded for 2.5 hours!
    The food at the resort is ok. Breakfast is, by far, the best meal. The main dining room is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a variety so you can always find something to eat. The pool grill is supposed to open at 11 AM. But, don't expect for it to actually open on time. There are two staff members who cook there. They both have very poor attitudes. Again, I was surprised at how they seemed to have a non-caring attitude toward the guests. Though, in their defense, I have to admit that the grill is very hot and I could only imagine that the working environment in there must be hell. So, the grill would usually open around 12:30, despite the signs that say 11 AM.
    The resort offers two other dining options in the evening. There are the Garden of Eden and Pastafari restaurants. You go to the front desk to make reservations at these restaurants. Our first day, we did try to make reservations, but they told us both restaurants were booked for our entire stay! Again, we try to make the best out of any negative situation. My husband went down to the restaurant and spoke to Ramon. What a nice guy! He told us to show up at 8:30 PM and he would try to slip us in. We did and Ramon did as promised. It was so nice of him to go out of his way and make a bad situation right! The food at the Garden of Eden was pretty good. It is worth visiting.
    We also tried the Pastafari restaurant one evening after calling the manager to complain that there were not openings. What a mistake! The food was gross! We tried a little of what they had to offer. This restaurant is definitely not worth your time. When we left, another couple was commenting on how horrible their meal was as well. And the service was just as bad! It took over 2 hours for us to get a meal we didn't eat and then to get the heck out of there! And the staff there did not seem to care about customer service in the least bit. Not a surprise!
    Another evening we tried the main dining room for dinner. One thing I noticed in the main dining room is that though it is self serve, there are waiters there to assist with drinks and little needs. Again, don't expect much from them. They are not friendly or will not go out of there way to greet the guests. But, there was one server who was different. His name was Jarvis and he did come up and make an effort to be friendly. I had recently traveled to Jamaica and stayed at the FDR Pebbles resort with my whole family. What a difference a good staff can make. At FDR, they were so friendly to the guests. They truly made you feel welcomed. That whole feeling of welcoming and positive attitude is not felt at the Breeezes Resort. It is too bad. The resort has potential, but I feel it lacks in good management and training of the staff. Another thing I noticed was that the managers are never visible at the resort. Many other resorts that we have visited will have the managers walking around and making sure that the process is running smoothly. That is definitely not the case at Breezes. I believe this is why most of the staff have bad attitudes and don't go out of their way to make your stay a positive one. Again, I say "most", because there were a few (thank God) that did try. For example, Evernel, a bartender at the pool bar was friendly. Thanks Evernel! And the entertainment staff, Jarvis, and Ramon. Thanks to them for making an effort!
    The resort offers bikes to use. Be careful! The sidewalks are all torn up and it is very dangerous to ride on them. I don't recommend the bikes for this reason. You can take the #10 bus to the straw market for souvenirs. We did this and it only costs $1 each way to do so. It is your typical Caribbean market. But, it is nice to spend some money in the markets where the locals are very reliant on tourism for their income.
    The resort has evening entertainment. We enjoyed the steel drum player with "The Big Bamboo" show. It was hilarious! There was also an amazing limbo show. It was a lot of fun!
    The resort is very outdated and needs many repairs. Don't expect much as far as appearance. But, remember that it is in the Caribbean and don't let that ruin your vacation. Try to have fun! We did, despite the many disappointments.
    As I stated above, the entertainment staff is great. We tried to enter all the contests and make the best of the vacation. We made the best of this part and had a ball. The entertainment staff hands out tokens for playing their games (win or lose). I highly recommend anyone staying at this resort, to enter the fun games! They offer beach volleyball, pool volleyball, guest versus staff contests, tennis, scavenger hunts (Don't miss it!), and a bunch of other crazy games. By the end, we racked up 1600 points! You can use the tokens to exchange for gifts. Unfortunately, they were out of t-shirts on our stay. Again, something I feel that easily could have been avoided had there been proper management. But, the games were fun! Just don't expect much for prizes. In the end, my husband spoke to the front desk and they magically found 2 t-shirts after an hour wait! But, hey, we had enough points to bring t-shirts home for the whole family! So, this was a bit disappointing.
    Ok, in conclusion, the resort is not what I had expected overall. The Breezes resort has potential. I just don't think it is being managed properly. In fact, I contacted the manager, Mr. Weech, and he did nothing to make the situation right. (Side note: I did contact the resort manager after I arrived home to the states and he has no intentions of addressing my comments. Again, the place is very poorly managed. Try a better place for your next visit to the Bahamas!)
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