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  Ambergris Caye, Belize: Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize

Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize
Ambergris Caye Belize

Hotel Profile: Playa Blanca Dive & Beach Club - Belize: Hotel Reviews, Message Posts & Photos

Address: Playa Blanca
City: Ambergris Caye,  (Amber)
Country: Belize
Phone: 501-26-5206
Fax: Not Available

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Site Information:
Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize

Luxury beachfront Resort offering superior condo accomodations full service Scuba Diving operation Beach Bar and restaurant.Also Income producing Beach Casitas FOR SALE with NO MONEY Down and 100% financing available

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2 All-Inclusive Belize Packages - Nearly Half Off(0 replies can you answer?)
Hello, I have two Gift cards for two 1-week Belize vacations at Each card is for 2 adults to all-inclusive CottonTreeLodge. ...
TFLATS?(4 replies)
Hi Ken, I have been to Belize about 5 times and Turneffe Flats is the best place I have stayed. I have been to other islands in the Turneffe Atoll, ...
TFLATS?(4 replies)
If you are going to go to the Outer Atolls... Turneffe Island Lodge is a much better choice. Their accommodations are much nicer, food is better, ...
Took a cruise for vaca to the Caribbean, Grand Cayman, Costa Maya, Belize, and Cozumel, was a killer trip. Best part was hooking up with Donald ...
find a house In Utah(0 replies can you answer?)
We want you to know that we are dedicated to offering you the BEST encounter when using our website. Thanks ...

Belize Hotel Reviews: View All Reviews

Black Rock Lodge - Review (Belize)5 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 5 Stars
Vacation of a lifetime at Black Rock Lodge: Gary and I spent our honeymoon at Black Rock Lodge. 4 days filled with adventure and 5 nights of excellent food, great times, and comfortable rustic ...
Changes In Latitudes - Review (Belize)4 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 4 Stars
WhataSurprize: The stay at this B&B was more than lodging! The girls that run the place and the staff meet our every need & went beyond to find us places rarely ...
Jaguar Reef Lodge - Review (Belize)2 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 2 Stars
Relaxing location but the food was well below average: My boyfriend and I recently returned from a week long stay at the Jaguar Reef. We loved the rooms and the tranquil beach and pool area. The tour ...
Blancaneaux Lodge - Review (Belize)5 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 5 Stars
just passing through: We were visiting Caracol and I wanted to see what this place was like. It was beautiful! Although the pine ridge has been devastated by some sort of ...
Jaguar Reef Lodge - Review (Belize)2 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 2 Stars
Could have done better: My wife and I spent 6 days at JRL in December, '04 for a honeymoon and diving. Since JRL doesn't have an inhouse dive staff, we arranged to do all ...

Caribbean Travel Articles: (View All Articles)

Activities - Things to do
St. Kitts Beaches St. Kitts Beaches - St. Kitts
Though not as plentiful as some islands St. Kitts offers a variety of beach options, including the beautiful black sand beaches on the north side of the island.

Food and Dining
Dining On New Providence Island In The Bahamas Dining On New Providence Island In The Bahamas - Bahamas
Good food is an essential ingredient in the making of a truly great vacation, and with the broad array of quality eateries for you to choose from on New Providence Island in the Bahamas, you’ll be sure to make your vacation a memorable culinary experience.

Cozumel, Mexico...It's not just for divers Cozumel, Mexico...It's not just for divers - Cozumel Mexico
Coral reefs, underwater caves, ancient wrecks and hundreds of different kinds of exotic tropical fish. Tropical beaches and many watersports abound in Cozumel. Also don't miss all the mysterious Mayan Ruins in the area!

Places to Go
How to Choose The Best Beach In Jamaica For Your Vacation How to Choose The Best Beach In Jamaica For Your Vacation - Jamaica
All your life you dreamed of taking a vacation and suddenly it is almost time! Now, the pressure to get the most out of it. We all have different ideas about vacations. And, this will be a special one. You have to realize your own special needs and wants and incorporate all this into a well structured fullfilling time.

Scuba Diving
Snuba Diving in the Caribbean (What is Snuba?) Snuba Diving in the Caribbean (What is Snuba?) - Caribbean
Snuba® is the new sport that combines the technology of diving with the freedom of snorkeling at a depth of 6 meters (20 feet).  Snuba diving does not involve the bulky equipment, intensive training, and certification associated with scuba diving.

Travel & Accommodations
Camping on St. John, US Virgin Islands Camping on St. John, US Virgin Islands - St. John
There are two campgrounds in the National Park, Cinnamon Bay Campground and  Maho Bay, for those wanting to experience nature Caribbean style.

Travel Tips
All-Inclusive Fun All-Inclusive Fun - Caribbean
Are you looking for a vacation not just from your routine but from your wallet as well? Then an all-inclusive resort might be just the ticket. As the name suggests, all-inclusive means that all activities, meals, drinks, transfers, and tips are included i

Weddings, Honeymoons & Romantic Travel
Caribbean Wedding Requirements Caribbean Wedding Requirements - Caribbean
Thinking of making your walk down the aisle a walk down the isle? It is becoming increasingly easy on many islands to tie the knot and start your honeymoon on your wedding. Here's a quick look at the marriage requirements on several islands that are tops

Belize Attractions: (All Attractions)

Xunantunich - Belize
Attraction Type: Historic Site

Xunantunich (Stone Maiden) is the archaeological pride of Belize, although you might find it anticlimatic if you've seen Tikal or Copán.

Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center - Belize City
Attraction Type: Children's / Kids Attraction

Step inside this wild kingdom of more 100 zoo animals.

Kayak and Canoe - Belize
Attraction Type: General Attraction

These many waterways are potential outdoor adventures for the kayak and canoe lovers.

Hol Chan Marine Preserve - Belize
Attraction Type: General Attraction

More than 160 species of fish have been identified at this rare reserve.

Lubaantun - Belize
Attraction Type: Historic Site

Lubaantun, situated above a tributary to the Columbia River, is located near San Pedro-Columbia in the Toledo District.

Caribbean Travel Tip

Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is the best way to protect yourself against financial loss. The most useful plan is a comprehensive policy that includes coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, default, trip delay, and medical expenses (with a waiver for preexisting conditions). Without insurance, you will lose all or most of your money if you cancel your trip or have to cut it short, regardless of the reason. Default insurance covers you if your tour operator, airline, or cruise line goes out of business. Trip-delay covers unforeseen expenses that you may incur due to bad weather or mechanical delays. Study the fine print when comparing policies. For overseas travel, one of the most important components of travel insurance is its medical coverage. Supplemental health insurance will pick up the cost of your medical bills should you get sick or injured while traveling. U.S. residents should note that Medicare generally does not cover health-care costs outside the United States, nor do many privately issued policies. Residents of the United Kingdom can buy an annual travel-insurance policy valid for most vacations taken during the year in which the coverage is purchased. If you are pregnant or have a pre-existing condition, make sure you're covered. Always buy travel insurance directly from an insurance company or agent; if you buy it from a cruise line, airline, or tour operator that goes out of business, you probably will not be covered for the agency or operator's default, a major risk. Before you make any purchase, review your existing health and home-owner's policies to find out whether they cover expenses incurred while traveling.

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