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  Ambergris Caye, Belize: Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize

Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize
Ambergris Caye Belize

Hotel Profile: Playa Blanca Dive & Beach Club - Belize: Hotel Reviews, Message Posts & Photos

Address: Playa Blanca
City: Ambergris Caye,  (Amber)
Country: Belize
Phone: 501-26-5206
Fax: Not Available

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Site Information:
Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize

Luxury beachfront Resort offering superior condo accomodations full service Scuba Diving operation Beach Bar and restaurant.Also Income producing Beach Casitas FOR SALE with NO MONEY Down and 100% financing available

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,  Hotels Hotels: Belize Ambergris Caye Hotels Reservations - Belize Resort Deals Reservations - Belize Hotels

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Property in Belize(2 replies)
I'm not sure if this is the proper place for this, but I have a lovely piece of property for sale in the Cayo District of Belize. Please email me if ...
Belize sand fleas(5 replies)
I get bad sand flea bites from the carribean, and they do get worse the day or two after you get back. I went to the doctor the first time this ...
Lighthouse Reef Resort - anyone stayed there?(2 replies)
Tracy, I am sorry to tell you that the Resort will be closing on the 30th July, 2005 for about two years for major renovations. ...
Belize in Spetember and travel from Cancun(2 replies)
If you already have somewhere to stay in Cancun and you still want to travel to Belize, might as well ask the concierge there. They will be able to ...
San Pedro(5 replies)
If you'll be in Belize for 2 months, you'll have a chance to visit other areas in the country. You might find this website helpful. It lists all ...

Belize Hotel Reviews: View All Reviews

Hamanasi Dive and Adventure Resort - Review (Belize)4 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 4 Stars
Great Place to Escape: I stayed there on a recommendation of a friend who used to live in Belize. Arrived after a long ride on a bumpy dirt road. I had a reservation for ...
The Diving Pelican Seaside Suites - Review (Belize)5 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 5 Stars
great place!: Wow, i had a great time at this place! We had the entire place to ourselves and had an amazingly relaxing time! Going back next year with friends. ...
Long Caye Island Resort - Review (Belize)3 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 3 Stars
I loved it: Although It was still under construction, I absolutely loved it. The island is a paradise, the water was warm and full of life, the sky was full of ...
Changes In Latitudes - Review (Belize)4 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 4 Stars
WhataSurprize: The stay at this B&B was more than lodging! The girls that run the place and the staff meet our every need & went beyond to find us places rarely ...
Changes In Latitudes - Review (Belize)4 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 4 Stars
Spirit: Henry and I have had a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. The spirit of Belize was not only on the island, but in the people we met. You and your ...

Caribbean Travel Articles: (View All Articles)

Activities - Things to do
Cozumel's Beaches & Snorkeling Cozumel's Beaches & Snorkeling - Cozumel Mexico
Cozumel's beaches vary from scalloped bays and inlets to wide wind-swept swathes of powdery sand. The calm waters of the western side of the island are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, and sunbathing. The desolate, eastern shore is lashed by waves and steady winds, although there are some lovely escarpments and bays safe for swimming.

Food and Dining
How to Make Authentic Mexican Cerviche How to Make Authentic Mexican Cerviche - Playa del Carmen
First let me explain why I call it authentic Mexican cerviche. I lived in the Yucatan Peninsula over 20 years ago at the beginning of the birth of Cancun. I worked on boats every day and learned to make Mexican food dishes from the natives I worked with.

History of Cancun Mexico History of Cancun Mexico - Cancun Mexico
The far East of the Peninsula of Yucatán, to the South of the Mexican Republic is surrounded by the Caribbean sea and is known as the Mayan Coast, given this pre-Hispanic civilisation's influence all across the area, from Punta Brava to Punta Allen. The north side of the coast boasts an amazing tourist infrastructure and impressive development.

Places to Go
About St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands About St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands - St. Thomas
The busiest of the three US Virgin Islands ' now marketed by the US as "your islands" ' St Thomas at first glance appears to be a shopper's paradise, but it is so much more. Whether you want to snorkel, scuba dive, hike, sail, or lay about on the beach (there are 44 individual beaches), this small island (about the size of Manhattan) can accommodate you.

Scuba Diving
Stingray City - About Stingrays Stingray City - About Stingrays - Cayman Islands
Learn more about stingrays ... For centuries, these mysterious animals in the sea have been unnecessarily feared by man. This misconception of rays being dangerous fish was caused by a lack of understanding of their anatomy.

Travel & Accommodations
Caribbean Top 10 Beach All Inclusive Resorts Caribbean Top 10 Beach All Inclusive Resorts - Caribbean
Top 10 Beach All Inclusive Resorts

Travel Tips
Fast Facts - Cayman Fast Facts - Cayman - Cayman Islands
The following information will help you learn about Cayman and how to get ready to enjoy your visit here. It's a bit long but very informative, especially if you are coming to visit for the first time. The Cayman Department of Tourism can also provide information.

Weddings, Honeymoons & Romantic Travel
Weddings in Belize Weddings in Belize - Belize
Ever dreamt of a wedding in a lush tropical rainforest? How about among magnificent Mayan ruins, on a beach by the blue-green Caribbean, or with jungle rivers and waterfalls as a backdrop?

Belize Attractions: (All Attractions)

Hol Chan Marine Preserve - Belize
Attraction Type: General Attraction

More than 160 species of fish have been identified at this rare reserve.

Love Tunnels - Belize
Attraction Type: Dive Site / Reef

This site is located north of San Pedro and the site got its name as a couple got married in the mouth of this huge tunnel.

Museum of Belize - Belize
Attraction Type: Museum

Built as a colonial prison in the mid 1800s.

Community Baboon Sanctuary - Belize
Attraction Type: Children's / Kids Attraction

Come and meet one of Belize’s endangered species - the Black Howler Monkey

Blue Hole - Belize at Lighthouse Reef
Attraction Type: Dive Site / Reef

Huge ocean sinkhole explored by Cousteau

Caribbean Travel Tip

Beach Shoes
Wear beach shoes when walking in the water on the beach.

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