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  Ambergris Caye, Belize: Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize

Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize
Ambergris Caye Belize

Hotel Profile: Playa Blanca Dive & Beach Club - Belize: Hotel Reviews, Message Posts & Photos

Address: Playa Blanca
City: Ambergris Caye,  (Amber)
Country: Belize
Phone: 501-26-5206
Fax: Not Available

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Site Information:
Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize

Luxury beachfront Resort offering superior condo accomodations full service Scuba Diving operation Beach Bar and restaurant.Also Income producing Beach Casitas FOR SALE with NO MONEY Down and 100% financing available

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,  Hotels Hotels: Belize Ambergris Caye Hotels Reservations - Belize Resort Deals Reservations - Belize Hotels

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Placencia to Tikal(2 replies)
My family and I will be in Placencia for a month beginning Feb 08. We're hoping to go to Tikal, is is possible and/or feasable to drive there? How ...
Planning a trip(5 replies)
Has anyone stayed here and how does it compare to other Belize resorts ...
Captain Morgans week available(1 reply)
if the travelers and business people do Cheap USA Hotel Booking. Since with Cheap USA Hotel Booking. Thanks ..................... [url=http://www ...
Belize sand fleas(5 replies)
I don't have any ideas - but I'm having EXACTLY the same issue - the bumps showed up AFTER I got back from Belize. and It's unlikely that I got bit ...
Water taxis and boat travel(1 reply)
Is is possible to travel from belize city to punta gorda by boat without paying a fortune to charter one privately ...

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Changes In Latitudes - Review (Belize)4 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 4 Stars
Experience The Island: 'We loved staying at Changes in Latitude and it allowed us to experience the island like we really wanted to...thank you for scheduling the ...
El Pescador - Review (Belize)5 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 5 Stars
one word - FABULOUS: Our visit to El Pescador was as close to a perfect vacation as it gets. The accomodations were unique, clean, and comfortable. We stayed in a ...
Chabil Mar Villas - Review (Belize)5 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 5 Stars
Private, Friendly and Great Location: I stayed at Chabil Mar Villas in May and had a wonderful experience. The property is beautifully appointed with lush gardens, two infinity swimming ...
Kanantik Reef and Jungle Resort - Review (Belize)4 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 4 Stars
Beautiful but DisappointingPreview: We visited Kanantik in January 2003. It had been ranked as a top eco resort by Outside magazine and we decided to follow this recommendation but it ...
Hamanasi Dive and Adventure Resort - Review (Belize)4 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 4 Stars
Great Resort BUT BEWARE OF THIEVES: Most everything about this resort was exceptional. However,the morning we checked out we gave all our luggage to the support staff who said they were ...

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Belize Attractions: (All Attractions)

Diving in Belize - Belize
Attraction Type: Water Sports

Diving in one of the Seven Wonders of the World is definitely a vacation you’d want to include in your memoir.

The Blue Hole - Belize
Attraction Type: Dive Site / Reef

The "Blue Hole" is located in the center of Lighthouse Reef Atoll, which is about fifty miles due east of Belize City.

Love Tunnels - Belize
Attraction Type: Dive Site / Reef

This site is located north of San Pedro and the site got its name as a couple got married in the mouth of this huge tunnel.

Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary - Belize
Attraction Type: General Attraction

Bird-watchers will find their delight in exploring this privately-owned reserve - a haven for toucans, parrots, storks, and hundreds of other species of birds.

Museum of Belize - Belize
Attraction Type: Museum

Built as a colonial prison in the mid 1800s.

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Beach Shoes
Wear beach shoes when walking in the water on the beach.

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