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  Ambergris Caye, Belize: Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize

Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize
Ambergris Caye Belize

Hotel Profile: Playa Blanca Dive & Beach Club - Belize: Hotel Reviews, Message Posts & Photos

Address: Playa Blanca
City: Ambergris Caye,  (Amber)
Country: Belize
Phone: 501-26-5206
Fax: Not Available

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Site Information:
Playa Blanca Beach Resort Belize

Luxury beachfront Resort offering superior condo accomodations full service Scuba Diving operation Beach Bar and restaurant.Also Income producing Beach Casitas FOR SALE with NO MONEY Down and 100% financing available

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,  Hotels Hotels: Belize Ambergris Caye Hotels Reservations - Belize Resort Deals Reservations - Belize Hotels

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Water taxis and boat travel(1 reply)
As far as 2004 , hiring your own boat was the only way ...
Medical Students missing while diving(0 replies can you answer?)
Any one know anything about the four missing medical students? They and their tour dive boat failed to return to Placencia couple days ago ...
Coral Beach Hotel(0 replies can you answer?)
Has anyone stayed here and what was there expeirance? Also did you dive or snorkel with them? Mty wife and I will be there in April and I would like ...
holidays(1 reply)
If you are looking for a Private Cabana right on the beach check out Turneffe Island Lodge. Their private cabanas are very nice, right along the ...
Great place to stay in Belize(8 replies Hot Topic!)
What part of the country is Rio Bravo Conservation Area located in ...

Belize Hotel Reviews: View All Reviews

Ambergris Caye's White Sands Cove Resort - Review (Belize)1 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 1 Stars
DO NOT STAY HERE!!!: Our first time to Belize and we made an awful mistake staying here at White Sands Cove. We were told they have the best beach in Belize (hard to ...
Blackbird Caye Resort - Review (Belize)2 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 2 Stars
beautiful place, bad management: I did a lot of research for a place combining good diving and open water PADI certification referral for my companion. Blackbird is in a beautiful, ...
Fountain Blue Suites - Review (Belize)4 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 4 Stars
We Loved Fountain Blue !: Hi, Our stay at Fountain Blue was wonderful. Staying there felt very comfortable. Fountain Blue has a sweet kitchenette, comfortable living room with ...
Seaside Cabanas - Review (Belize)4 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 4 Stars
Highly Recommended: We just spent 2 weeks at Seaside Cabanas, it was a perfect time. The rooms are comfortable and well set up. The staff in the office seem to be ...
Glover's Atoll Resort - Review (Belize)1 Stars: Traveler Hotel Review Rating 1 Stars
Bad experience at Glover's atoll resort: Beautifull island, nice diving, but not the best we did. But not comfort at all, for a price that is not than low (233 USD per person per week). ...

Caribbean Travel Articles: (View All Articles)

Activities - Things to do
Tulum Mexico - Mayan Ruins, Beaches and more Tulum Mexico - Mayan Ruins, Beaches and more - Tulum Mexico
Tulum is the largest Maya construction built on the coast. Today it is Mexico's most visited pre-Hispanic site. Tulum was a very important center of commerce and a place of pilgrimage in the past.

Food and Dining
Dining On New Providence Island In The Bahamas Dining On New Providence Island In The Bahamas - Bahamas
Good food is an essential ingredient in the making of a truly great vacation, and with the broad array of quality eateries for you to choose from on New Providence Island in the Bahamas, you’ll be sure to make your vacation a memorable culinary experience.

History of Kingston, Jamaica History of Kingston, Jamaica - Jamaica
If there was a prize handed out for tenacity among the world's cities, Kingston would be up there with the winners. A real survivor, this hardy metropolis has risen like a phoenix from fires, floods, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Places to Go
The Grenadine Islands The Grenadine Islands - The Grenadines
The Grenadines are a Caribbean island chain of over 600 islands in the Windward Islands.  Learn more about these remote and off-the-beaten track Caribbean islands. For travelers seeking something different and unique in the Caribbean - The Grenadine islands offer something quite special.

Scuba Diving
Stingray City Grand Cayman Stingray City Grand Cayman - Cayman Islands
Known today as the worlds 'Best Twelve Foot Dive' Stingray City, in Grand Cayman, is not to be missed! It's a perfect spot for an easy dive or just as good or better snorkeling. This is perfect snorkeling trip for kids and adults alike...

Travel & Accommodations
Camping on St. John, US Virgin Islands Camping on St. John, US Virgin Islands - St. John
There are two campgrounds in the National Park, Cinnamon Bay Campground and  Maho Bay, for those wanting to experience nature Caribbean style.

Travel Tips
Finding Your Perfect Caribbean Vacation Spot Finding Your Perfect Caribbean Vacation Spot - Caribbean
Close your eyes and imagine a Caribbean vacation. Done? The images you called to mind probably contained pristine white beaches, aquamarine waters, and plenty of palm trees. Fortunately, the Caribbean is full of enough beautiful beaches to satisfy every traveler, but there's much more to the islands than just beaches.

Weddings, Honeymoons & Romantic Travel
Getting Married on Nevis - Wedding Info & Requirements Getting Married on Nevis - Wedding Info & Requirements - Nevis
Nevis is an ideal place for a wedding with its natural backdrops of the tropics, world-class service, and wide range of accommodation.  The setting can be as form or as casual as the couple desires.  Some choose to get married barefoot in the sand; others choose spots with stunning mountainside views surrounded lush foliage.

Belize Attractions: (All Attractions)

Xunantunich - Belize
Attraction Type: Historic Site

Xunantunich (Stone Maiden) is the archaeological pride of Belize, although you might find it anticlimatic if you've seen Tikal or Copán.

Blue Hole - Belize at Lighthouse Reef
Attraction Type: Dive Site / Reef

Huge ocean sinkhole explored by Cousteau

Kayak and Canoe - Belize
Attraction Type: General Attraction

These many waterways are potential outdoor adventures for the kayak and canoe lovers.

Birding in Belize - Belize
Attraction Type: General Attraction

birding in Belize

Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center - Belize City
Attraction Type: Children's / Kids Attraction

Step inside this wild kingdom of more 100 zoo animals.

Caribbean Travel Tip

Wet Clothes
To get wet clothes dry overnight, hang them on a coat hanger and hang them in the bathroom - Leave the light on.

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